Calibration of the temperature sensor

by James

Hello, I'm finding very informative, so thank you! I've never given the topic much though before, but I have to define procedures for a new pH meter in my laboratory and I've been surprised at how complex the subject is. The meter's manufacturer wasn't too helpful unfortunately.

I have a question about automatic temperature compensation. I've noticed that no one seems to calibrate the temperature probe. I can only suppose that it is defaulted to 25C at the factory and thereafter each 1C step away from 25C is a constant one in terms of mV, meaning that recalibration is not necessary. Is this correct?

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Feb 20, 2015
thanks for the tips
by: baggins

Thank you for these calibration tips. I have tried my best not to seek help, but I have finally come to you for help and you have helped me just like that. My calibration problem with the temperature sensor is finally over. Yippee!!!!

Aug 19, 2010
Platinum (Pt) sensor
by: Erik

Calibration of a Platinum (Pt) sensor is normally not necessary.

Platinum (Pt) RTD's are highly stable measuring devices and experience has shown that RTD's rarely drift out of tolerance. If they fail, they fail completely.

For a pH electrode with a built-in temperature sensor, the lifetime of the temperature sensor far exceeds the lifetime of the glass membrane. So in practice, when it's time to calibrate the built-in Pt sensor the glass membrane is already broken.

However, if you use a separate Pt temperature probe for a long time (several years) calibration should be recommended.

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