The pH measurement forum is the
place to discuss and share experience

The pH measurement forum provides opportunities for the informal exchange of opinions, experiences and comments on different aspects of pH testing and measurement.

This is your chance to share your experience with others and also learn more by reading other people's experiences. Share and learn!

This forum is divided in different categories for easier navigation:

Definition of pH

Acids and bases

The pH Scale

pH indicators and pH test trips

How the pH sensor works

Non-glass pH electrodes

pH Electrode design

How to pick the appropriate pH probe

Regeneration of pH glass electrodes

pH Electrode cleaning

Aging of pH probes

pH Meters

Temperature and pH measurement

pH Calibration

Handling and storage of buffer solution

pH test accuracy

pH Electrode storage

Calibration interval

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acids and bases
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electrode design
The pH electrode consists of the following parts:
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offset error
Real-world pH electrodes are not ideal,
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definition of ph
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nonglass ph electrode
Is it not possible to use a glass electrode for your application? Use a non-glass pH electrode.

ph measurement
Learn how the temperature affects your pH measurement.

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