Accurate pH adjustment requires
an uncontaminated and
well maintained electrode

Proper pH adjustment is critical for many chemical processes. Therefore, accurate pH measurements are crucial. To get accurate measurements you need clean and fresh pH electrodes.

Calibration interval

pH adjustment

It is a known fact that pH electrodes must, from time to time, be calibrated to maintain measurement accuracy. In a laboratory, you general calibrate your pH equipment before each measurement or once a day. For an online pH measurement, in a process environment, the time interval between calibration varies considerably with each application and its unique conditions.

The main factors that degrade the performance of an electrode are coating, contamination and aging. How often you need to calibrate your electrode depends mainly on these factors and, of course, of the accuracy you require from your measurement.

pH electrode coating

The most common problems with a pH electrode are a coated membrane or plugged reference junction. Coating and contamination will result in a sluggish or non-responsive electrode because your electrode doesn't deliver the right electrical potential.


To achieve an accurate pH measurement you need a clean and fresh electrode.

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