pH color chart to
determine the pH level

A common method to measure the pH level is to use a pH indicator and the related pH color chart. There are several methods to measure pH. However, the two most common methods are the indicator, or visual method, and the potentiometric method.

The visual method

To use the visual method is simple. A pH sensitive indicator is placed in the measured solution and the indicator will change color depending on the pH level. To get the pH value, compare the color to the pH chart that comes with the indicator. The accuracy of this method is, for obvious reasons, low. However, it can be used for a rough estimation of the pH level.

The pH indicator can either be a chemical indicator or a special pH paper, so-called pH testing strips.

Nature's own tester

hydrangea flower

The color of a hydrangea flower depends partly on the pH of the soil it is planted in. In acid soils the flowers will be blue, in alkaline soils the flowers will be pink or purple, and in neutral soil the flowers will be white.

The potentiometric method

The most accurate and reliable method is to use a potentiometric sensor (pH electrode), connected to a voltmeter (pH meter). A pH meter and sensor are, of course, more costly than a pH indicator.

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pH color chart

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