Weak acids and bases

by Jill

Strong acids and bases have been mention. Let's also give some examples of weak acids and bases. Weak acids and bases are only partially ionized in their solutions.

Example of weak acids:

• Carbonic acid - H2CO3
• Chlorous acid - ClO2
• Acetic acid - CH3COOH
• Hydrofluoric acid - HF (extremely corrosive)
• Hydrocyanic acid - HCN
• Phenol - HOC6H5

Example of weak bases:

• Ammonia - NH3
• Pyridine - C5H5N
• Ammonium hydroxide - NH4OH


The terms "strong" and "weak" give an indication of the strength of an acid or base. However, the boundary between strong and weak acids and bases are not sharp. Some acids and bases could be mentioned medium-strength, an example is acetic acid.

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Weak acids and bases
by: Anonymous

That was an amazing definitions for both weak and strong acid bases. This was a useful site to know all ph measurement. This would be helpful for my further studies i hope.

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